Explain and describe how your life experiences and pre-existing knowledge has resulted in your current be

For this assignment, you will need to select a movie from the list below. View the movie and then write a paper (6-8 pages including Reference Page) critiquing the movie’s portrayal of “crime / delinquency” using one of theoretical frameworks presented in class, focusing primarily on a single character. “Apply” your theory to the storyline and utilize scholarly references to support, develop, and explain your application. You are required to include at least five scholarly references. A title page and abstract are NOT to be included. This paper is otherwise required to strictly adhere to an APA format (page numbers, headers, margins, citations, etc.).

Videos for Integrative Movie Project (Choose one):

Please note: You will need to access one of the following videos to complete this assignment. You may want to preview each of these movies before deciding on one for the assignment.

Good Fellas Hell or Highwater

Boyz N the Hood American Gangster

The following questions are provided to stimulate your thinking about the movie and your chosen theory. Be certain to include discussion of the following questions in your paper, however, your paper should notbe a list of answers to these questions.

Integrative Assignment Questions:

  1. Consider how your epistemology influences (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.your beliefs about the social problem of crime and delinquency. Include information about your own childhood and the the social and physical environment in which you were raised.
  • Explain and describe how your life experiences and pre-existing knowledge has resulted in your current beliefs about crime, and discuss the validity and limitations to these beliefs.
  1. Provide a detailed discussion of the theory you have chosen.
  • Explain how & why crime/delinquency occurs within the theory.
  • Name and define major concepts of the theoretical framework.
  • Explain how the theory helps to better understand criminal behavior.
  1. Use your chosen theoretical framework of crime/delinquency to address the following questions:
  • How did this narrative (the movie you selected from the list) portray criminality / delinquency?
  • What was emphasized and de-emphasized in this portrayal?
  • How did these emphases shape the audience’s response to the main character(s)?
  • How did issues of class, race and culture contribute to the character(s) experience of crime / delinquency?
  • How did other characters in the film respond to the main character(s) acts of crime / delinquency? What were the other character’s attitudes & reactions to the crime / delinquency? How did their response impact the main character(s) attitudes and behaviors?
  • At what level(s) (micro, mezzo, macro) did the movie situate the problem of crime / delinquency? Give examples. If the movie limited its perspective, how could it have been expanded to demonstrate the interaction between micro, mezzo & macro issues?
  • What was targeted as the cause(s) of crime / delinquency?
  • What was named as the solution?
  • What was not discussed as a solution?