4.Psychologists are primarily concerned with the ethics of research involving:

A. Paid participants only

B. Volunteer participants only

C. Animal subjects

D. All human and animal research subjects5.In a high-risk study, the researcher must provide the participants with:

A. A debriefing

B. An appropriate phone number in case of problems that persist after participation in the research

C. A guarantee of confidentiality

D. All of these

10.Research that runs the risk of embarrassing or upsetting participants:
A. Is considered minimal risk research
B. Is acceptable only if approved by the Institutional Review Board
C. Is never acceptable
D. May be done only if the participants remain anonymous

15.Debriefing means that the investigator sends the final results of the study to each participant.
A. True
B. False

14. In a recent article, Keith-Speigel and Koocher (2205) suggest that some researchers may be taking ethical shortcuts because:
A. They perceive the IRB to be unfair
B. They are not aware that their research must be reviewed by an IRB
C. IRB reviews take too long
D. IRB reviews cost too much money