Ethics Society And Science

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Ethics Society And Science

1. According to Tom Bethell, as GDP per capita rises, the number of children per family:
   a. goes up
   b. stays the same
   c. goes down
   d. you cannot say, for there is no connection

2. According to Tom Bethell, fertility has declined in most wealthy countries because:
   a. young people have read about the horrors of overpopulation
   b. people in wealthy countries can afford abortions
   c. people are wary of high taxes on excess children
   d. wealth leads to a decline in religion, and the two together push
      down childbearing

3. According to Tom Bethell, devout religious people tend to:
   a. have larger families
   b. have smaller families
   c. adopt more orphans
   d. avoid having children at all

4. According to Tom Bethell, in the welfare states of Europe, the one-time Christian majority is being replaced by:
   a. devout Ultra-Orthodox Jews
   b. devout Muslims
   c. devout evangelical Christians
   d. atheists

5. According to Jim Thomas, Eric Hoffman, and Jaydee Hanson, the risks of synthetic biology include:
   a. destroying ecosystems
   b. threatening human health
   c. unsustainably increasing the pressure of human activities on land
      and marine ecologies
   d. all the above

6. According to Jim Thomas, Eric Hoffman, and Jaydee Hanson, pursuing the promise of synthetic biology for creating biofuels could threaten all of the following except:
   a. the oil industry
   b. efforts to conserve biological diversity
   c. efforts to ensure food security
   d. efforts to prevent dangerous climate change

7. According to Jim Thomas, Eric Hoffman, and Jaydee Hanson, which of the following biofuels sources uses the most water and energy and has the greatest greenhouse gas emissions?
   a. corn
   b. algae
   c. switchgrass
   d. coal

8. According to Jim Thomas, Eric Hoffman, and Jaydee Hanson, Congress should:
   a. implement a moratorium on the release of synthetic organisms into
      the environment
   b. implement a moratorium on the use of synthetic organisms in
      commercial settings
   c. require that all federally funded synthetic biology research
      undergo a comprehensive environmental and societal impact review
   d. all the above

9. According to Gregory E. Kaebnick, "playing God" with synthetic biology would require:
   a. synthesizing a chromosome but not a whole cell
   b. synthesizing a whole cell
   c. making a pre-cell that can evolve
   d. creating a cell from nothing
   e. none of the above--there is no God

10. According to Gregory E. Kaebnick, "intrinsic concerns" about the ethics of synthetic biology focus on:
   a. concerns about the human relationship to nature
   b. concerns that synthetic biology will undermines morally
      significant concepts
   c. religious or metaphysical concerns
   d. all the above

11. According to Gregory E. Kaebnick, controlling the risk that terrorists might misuse synthetic biology means:
   a. controlling the people and companies who have access to the
      necessary tools
   b. banning synthetic biology
   c. classifying all synthetic biology research
   d. regulating the sale of synthetic DNA sequences that might pose a
      threat to biosecurity

12. According to Gregory E. Kaebnick, synthetic biology falls under the regulatory authority of several federal agencies, but regulation may need to be augmented in regard to:
   a. biosecurity
   b. environmental releases
   c. privately funded labs
   d. all the above