essay questions

I don’t know how to handle this Philosophy question and need guidance.

1-In an essay of 400 words compare Mr. Darcy at the beginning of the novel with Aristotle’s virtuous person.

2-In an essay 400 words analyze the discussion in which Bingley, Darcy, Miss Bingley, and Elizabeth discuss female accomplishments. Assume “accomplishment” is a synonym for excellence. What do the characters reveal about their attitudes towards excellence? Can we trace their attitudes in their subsequent actions?

3-Elizabeth believes that she and Darcy are uniquely suited to be married. In an essay of 400words explain why does she think so? Is she right? Support your answer with examples.



Each essay should be roughly 300 – 600 words in length. This however, is only a guideline, as I grade on content, rather than length

  1. Explain Sayyid Qutb’s concept of jahiliyya. What are the problems with liberalism and liberal societies, according to Qutb? What does his ideal Islamic society look like? What is a “vanguard party” and why it is necessary, according to Lenin? How does Lenin’s understanding of the proletariat revolution differ from Marx’s? Explain how Mao reconceptualized class antagonism and revolution on an international scope.
  1. Compare and contrast the major components of Black Integrationist and Black Nationalist approaches. Explain how each of these approaches offer different criticisms of liberalism. What does the ideal society look like from each of these perspectives?
  1. “Believe, Obey, Fight!” was a popular slogan for Italian fascism under Mussolini. Explain the importance of each of these components (spirituality, authority, and action) for fascism.