Essay Assignment

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Reading required to complete this second essay assignment:

  • Jean Anyon’s “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work”
  • Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average”
  • Website:

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The Essay Prompt
Is Anyon right to claim that a school’s socio-economic class determines the type of instruction students receive? I want you to find out by analyzing and discussing Mike Rose’s experiences with teachers described in “I Just Wanna Be Average” and your own school experiences with at least two instructors you have had. In this essay, you will analyze these teachers using Anyon’s categories as explained in “The Hidden Curriculum.” What does your analysis uncover? Your thesis statement should explicitly answer the question I’ve highlighted above.

Read and re-read “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose. Then think about how his educational experiences confirm but also challenge Anyon’s ideas. Consider this: What was the socio-economic status of Mike Rose’s high school? Do all the teaching styles of Rose’s instructors exemplify one particular economic class of school Anyon describes in her essay? Do the same with your educational experiences–where was your school located? Was there a teacher in your experience with a working class approach? A middle class or affluent professional or executive elite approach?

Clear thesis as last sentence of first paragraph

  • Clear thesis as last sentence of first paragraph
  • Follow paragraph outline given in the module
  • Subsequent paragraphs must open with topic sentences
  • Follow template for introductory paragraph
  • Follow template for body paragraphs
  • Cite sufficient evidence from both texts
  • Cite relevant community details where your high school was located from (Links to an external site.) (median income, types of occupations, etc.)
  • Use a formal academic tone
  • Adhere to MLA style/conventions for format, in text citations and works cited page (Review The Pocket Style Manual.)
  • Length: 5-7 pages long; attach a list of Works Cited


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Assignment Instructions

Week 6 Essay Assignment

o Review the material and deliverables from our Syllabus and Lessons.

o Essay should include title page, abstract, body (5-page minimum with sub-categories), summary/conclusion and reference page (at least three academic references), per APA guidelines.

o Please provide subcategories studied thus far for each of our career fields.

· Developmental Psychology

· Personality Psychology

· Biopsychology

· Perception Psychology

· Learning/Memory Psychology

· Psychopathology

· Industrial Organized Psychology

· Social Psychology

o For each of the career fields, please explain:

· What type of work is involved in each career field. Provide examples.

· The opportunities available within the fields

· Level of education one must achieve in each of these career fields

· Typical work setting. Provide examples.

· Average incomes

· Your biggest take-away learned from each career field

  • PSYC102 Week 6 Assignment Rubric.docx (19 KB)




Needs Improvement


Points Earned

Description of subcategories studied thus far (Weeks 1 – 5)

60 Points Possible

Student clearly addresses the level/type of work, opportunities, education required, work settings, average incomes, and biggest take away from each career field.

Student provides a mostly accurate description of work, opportunities, education required, work settings, average incomes, and biggest take away from each career field.

At times, content lacks coherence.

Student provides a marginal description of work, opportunities, education required, work settings, average incomes, and biggest take away from each career field.

Sufficient details and supporting evidence are lacking.

Does not clearly discuss and describe work, opportunities, education required, work settings, average incomes, and biggest take away from each career field.


20 Points Possible

Student clearly highlights all content objectives and is thorough in Conclusion/Summary.

Student provides some content objectives and presents adequate Conclusion/Summary.

Student provides marginal knowledge of content objectives. Conclusion/Summary is lacking in sufficiently wrapping the paper.

Student does not provide conclusion/summary

Usage of Academic, Scholarly Sources

10 Points Possible

Student clearly paraphrases from at least three scholarly, academic sources and cites them according to APA Style on the References Slide.

Student paraphrases from three scholarly, academic sources. Direct quotations may be used in place of paraphrasing or there may be citation/formatting errors.

Student paraphrases from less than three scholarly, academic sources. Many direct quotations are used or citation style is mostly inaccurate.

Student uses only sources from the popular web (e.g., Wikipedia, WebMD, etc…) or does not include a References slide.

Overall Presentation of material (Flow, Clarity, Professional Appearance of Final Product, Use of Proper Grammar/Spelling to convey thoughts)

10 Points Possible

Submission is clear and coherent, flows well, and has a professional appearance. Few, if any, errors in grammar/spelling are made (for written entries) or in spoken English (for video entries).

Submission is understandable, but flow may be stilted or meaning unclear in spots. Some written or spoken grammatical errors are evident. Submission appears “amateurish” in spots.

Submission seems choppy or difficult to understand. Submission appears mostly amateurish or unprofessional. Many errors in grammar/spelling in evident.

Submission appears largely unprofessional, messy, and contains numerous grammar/spelling errors.